How To Throw The Big Axe

Author Sean Malvey | 18 July 2017

Where To Stand

  • When setting up to throw, a player’s lead foot may be on top of, beside, behind, or in front of the blue line.
  • Once the motion to throw the axe has begun, the player may take a full step forward bringing their rear foot to the front of their body and planting it as the motion to throw continues.
  • This foot (that has now moved from the back of the player to plant on the floor in front) once planted, must not leave the ground again until the axe has left the hand of the player and has been thrown
  • During the motion of the throw, any steps taken before crossing the back plane of the blue line do not count towards the legal step count.

Axe Specs

  • The axe head must weigh between 2.25 and 2.75 pounds
  • The handle must be wood, handle length must be at least 25" for competition including the handle in the eye of the blade
  • The face (blade) of the axe must be no longer than 4 1/2"

How To Step

  • Throwers must throw within the blue line or touch the paint for the throw to count as "good".
  • After 3 "good" throws from each player the game goes to points.
  • First thrower sets the points to be beat and the second thrower has to beat those points. A tie causes play to continue.

How Scoring Works

  • All scoring is based on where the majority of the blade lands and stays in the target
  • The area to be counted on an axe sunk into a target is the area that is breaking the surface of the target
  • Clutch is an exception to the majority rule: When throwing for clutch, as long as any of the axe blade is breaking the green clutch paint, the throw is good