Top 5 Axe Throwing Accessories

Author Sean Malvey | 14 March 2018

#5: Axe Throwing Bag


Getting a bag to carry your axes is very important when starting a league. Chances are you will have multiple of your standard axe and at least 1 big axe and all that equiptment can be difficult to carry. Having a bag that allows your big axe to stick out through the top or is able to hold it completely concealed is essential.

#4 Axe Holster


Having to search for your axe when you are called for a match is always frustrating. With a leather axe holster you will always have your axe at your side and you will never have to worry about losing it.

#3 Custom Leather Sheath


Without a very durable leather sheath its only a matter of time before your axe blade cuts through that thread and becomes dangerous. Getting a triple layer leather sheath not only protects your axe from damaging your bag or hurting you but it looks cool as hell too.

#2 Sanding Block


Getting a sanding block is very important for prepping your axe before a competition. A file can take off too much metal so the only way to finish your axe and get that razor sharp edge that you could shave with you are going to need a sanding block.

#1 Belt Sander or Metal File


Getting a metal file or belt sander is essential for anyone who is serious about axe throwing. These are what you are going to use when you need to remove a ton of material from your blade and get that profile down to a very thin edge.