Top 5 Axe Throwing Characters

Author Sean Malvey | 18 April 2018

#5: Gimli


. I couldnt make an axe character list without having at least one dwarf on there.. First on our list is Gimili, son of Glóin. Gimli is by far one of the most well known dwarves and carrys with him an arsenel of axes including 2 smaller hatchets, 2 medium sizes axes for dual wielding and his battle axe that he likely obtained in the mines of Moria as it was not pictured prior to those scenes. Gimli is a master in axe combat and will absolutely destroy most enemies that put themselves within chopping distance.

Within the stories we got to follow Gimili through he was almost always on the move, making it difficult for him to carry a large number of axes, meaning that if he throws one of them, he is going to have to recover it. When you are on a long epic quest that you arent sure how long it will take it makes sense to not want to throw your weapons. Because of this we only really got to see Gimli throw his axe once in the Fellowship of the Ring. In the mines of moria the group is cornered by a large number of orcs and a cave troll. As the cave troll is charging at Gimli in a moment of desperation he releases a 1 handed axe throw that pierces the chest of the beast. THe axe lands perfectly and has no problem piercing through the beast's thick hide. While this is not a good display of his accuracy it does show that even in the most desperate of moments when the pressure is on he can release his axe and get it to stick without any issue. Imagine what he could do with a moment to collect his thoughts and no giant death beasts charging at him. I have a feeling he could teach us all a thing or two.

#4 Ragnar Lothbrok


. Of course this list also had to include a Viking.. Number 4 on our list is Ragnar Lothbrok from the television show vikings (and History). Ragnar is a fierce warrior who has no problem tossing his axe when he sees an opportunity for a ranged kill. Throughout the entire series of Vikings only one of his axes failed to kill its target.. and that was because someone else jumped in the way. Ragnar is a master of the 2 handed and 1 handed throw. Making him deadly no matter what situation he is in. The force of his axes making contact with their targets always put them on their asses and instantly kills them. Something tells me we would go through a lot of wood if we were throwing with Ragnar.

His accuracy with his axes is unmatched by any other warrior on the show. When he wants to hit you in the head.. he does and when he wants to pierce the armor on your chest and avoid your head because you are wearing a helmet.. he does. Not to mention he is a master of distraction. Just listen to this incredibly accurate impression of a chicken. How could this guy not look over and check it out? One of the main things that makes Ragnar so deadly is his ability to switch between melee and ranged combat. He has trained with just about every weapon the vikings have at their disposal and can take down anyone he faces in one on one combat and then move right on to the next person. Constantly scanning the battlefield for his next throwing axe victim no one makes use of a throwing axe in combat quite like Ragnar Lothbrok. The thing that makes Ragnar Lothbrok so cool is that he is an actual historical figure.

#3 Jason Mamoa


The third character on our list is unique because I couldn't just pick one of his roles to give him credit for. This guy clearly has a love for axe throwing because if hes not doing it with a beer in his hand at a local axe spot or on Jimmy Kimmel he is throwing in one of his shows. Thats right.. number 3 on our list is Jason Mamoa. Jason has been a face of the axe throwing community since a youtube video was posted of him drinking a beer and then throwing a huge axe into the bullseye.. while still holding the beer. He then appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to advertise his new show Frontier, where he plays Declan Harp, an outlaw trapper who is always carrying multiple axes and never hesitates to throw them at his enemies. Declan is a smart character who is good at avoiding capture but gets lost in his rage when his family or friends lives are on the line.. a theme common with Mamoa's characters.

In Mamoa's latest movie he plays logging company owner and family man Joe Braven. Joe Braven is an extremely smart character.. constantly setting trapps and waiting for the right moment to strike. In this specific scene he was hiding from a mercenary up in the rafters of his house. Knowing the double bit axe he has is too big to throw at such a short distance he snaps it over his leg and procedes to throw it directly into the man's forehead. BULLSEYE. Braven, like all of Mamoa's characters is a badass when it comes to hand to hand combat and would give most of the other guys on this list a serious fight up close. It seems that Jason mamoa may just be picking his roles nowadays based on if he gets to practice his axe throwing skills during shooting. He clearly loves throwing his weapon even if its not an axe. I personally can't wait to see what the guy does next and the chances are.. we are going to see him throwing something.

#2 Krieg


So I know in our past videos we have told you to stay out of your own head when throwing. For number 2 on our list that is completely impossible. Kreig the Psycho was introduced to the first person shooter game Borderlands 2 in 2013. His cinematic was the first time you ever got a look inside the head of one of the game's toughest enemies.. the Psycho. Kreig is no ordinary Psycho though.. there is clearly some deep backstory to this guy that lead to him becoming what we see today. A backstory that has still not been revealed to us. All we know is that Krieg was experimented on by Hyperion, turning him into a psycho but still trapping a small part of his sane mind in his head.. something revealed to us in this trailer... Kreig is clearly trying desperately to do the right thing, he has just lost his ability to express himself in sentences that don't involve poop trains or salting the wound. But damn can this guy throw an axe.

Kreig uses his signature buzzsaw axe to not only chop up enemies at melle distance but to throw at an unlimited range. The guy has perfect accuracy and throws EXACTLY where he is aiming.. no matter how far the axe has to go. He also seems to have an unlimited supply of these axes. He never really questions where these axes come from.. he just keeps throwing them into dude's heads. Kreig's special ability in the game is what puts him into a rage and allows him to pull out his axe to chop up dudes up close or throw his unlimited axes from a crazy range. His axes can also be modified to do explosive or fire damage. Lets keep him away from the NATF targets.. It might end badly. Overall Krieg is a total badass who is as deadly up close as he is at a range. The scariest part about him is that if you do manage to kill him you know hes just going to respawn at a nearby New-U station and come back for you. There truely is no escaping Krieg and his Buzzaxe.

#1 Kratos


Number 1 on our list is a character that I have loved since I played the first game on my friend's PS2. To see this character make his return to console, and this time as an axe thrower?? I honestly could not contain the excitement. My coworker asked if I was okay after hearing my reaction to the newest trailer. Have you guessed it yet? Yea that is right.. Number 1 on our list is of course none other than the slayer of mount olympus, the ghost of sparta, the GOD OF WAR, Kratos. He is back and this time he is taking on some creatures from norse mythology so of course he had to get himself a magical axe. His new weapon, the leviathan axe is essentially the molnier of axes. He can call it back at any time and it returns directly to his hand. Something I think all us axe throwers wish we could do. With this new weapon and the years of training he has likely had since he took down every single god on mount olympus make him pretty much unbeatable. The axe can be modified, giving Kratos access to new abilities and allowing him to inflict magical status effects on anyone who makes contact with his axe blade.

While a lot of the characters on our list are great hand to hand combatants no one could even come close to stacking up against Kratos. Remember that time he beat Zeus to death with his bare hands? He also has his new spartan rage ability which sends him into an uncontrollable rage, punching anything that might get in his way. Also part of his weapon arsenal is his collapsable shield. This shield allows him to throw his axe with one hand and then shield bash with the other while he waits for his axe to return. THese are just the weapons we know about too. I am sure when the game releases in a couple days we will see just how incredibly overpowered Kratos has become. Do I really need to do more to explain why no one on this list would stand a chance against Kratos? Being the only character to ever sucsessfully kill a god and having access to his ridiculously diverse arsenal of weapons puts Kratos at a tier none of these dudes could ever touch. If you ever managed to get close to him you would end up regretting it very fast. I am sure Straun Riley could still give him a run for his money when it comes to NATF.. we might just have to add something in the rules that says you can't freeze your opponent during match play. It would be a hell of a match to watch.